SINGLE REVIEW: Britney Spears Feat. Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls


It’s quite possibly the most anticipated collaboration of the year and these girls know how to bring it. Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea serve sass, attitude and empowerment on “Pretty Girls” that sees this Pop/RNB track revisiting an older style of Spears’ repertoire. Instead of the one verse feature this song is actually a duet between Spears and Azalea and sees them playing with call and response methods. “All around the world pretty girls. Wipe the floor with all the boys, pour the drinks, bring the noise, we’re just so pretty!”. In the hook Azalea sings with Spears to deliver an infectious chorus that will have you bopping and grinding along. This is the first time mainstream media have heard Azalea actually sing in a song where as fans of the raptress first heard her sing on her track “Change Your Life” in 2013. It’s been well produced by The Invisible Men and offers a bit of a “Hollaback Girl” vibe with the nostalgic electro-hop beats. I was quite impressed by Britney’s vocals as they haven’t auto-tuned them to the max and allows a gritty and seamless sound to bounce back and forth between the two divas. It’s a catchy song and radio and gay clubs will play it on heavy rotation but is it the smash they were hyping it up to be? It’s either a song you will love or hate. It’s a cool track and it will grow on me but as of right now I’m still sitting on the fence.

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