SINGLE REVIEW: Ciara – Dance Like We’re Making Love

Ciara Jackie

It’s been 3 months since Ciara released “I Bet” and with her highly anticipated sixth studio album “Jackie” just around the corner it’s about time she gives us a new song to gag over. That time is now. “Dance Like We’re Making Love” is the definition of jam. With its slow urban groove beat, sexualized tone and infectious chorus this song is setting all expectations high for the forthcoming album. The sound gives me 2004 flashbacks and could easily be mistaken as the perfect sequel to the mega hit “Like A Boy”. It shows a mature and sexier side to the songstress that proves you can get a little dirty after having a baby. “It’s really late, you’re getting closer and the lights off. Your body is in sync to the beat of my heart and I can feel your nature rising wild and wild on you. Let’s dance like we’re making love”. It instantly becomes a favourite and continues to grow on you after each listen. If you aren’t wanting to grind and get down while listening to this song then I give up because the sexual energy in this track is ridiculous. It really should have replaced the dud “I Bet” as the lead single as it would have created a lot more hype for the album but either way “Dance Like We’re Making Love” will have you bopping, singing and wanting more Princess Cici in your life.

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