SINGLE REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco – Hallelujah

      Hallelujah patd

There isn’t really a sound Panic! At The Disco haven’t tried. They’ve done it all; pop, rock, punk, folk, alternative and have even experimented with electronic synths. Constantly evolving as a band they never fail at providing pure bops. “Hallelujah” is the lead single from their forthcoming fifth studio album and it sees them revisiting the sound that heighted their breakthrough in 2007. With a punchy chorus and gospel esque feel Brendon Urie takes this pop/rock song to church with his versatile vocal range. It’s a theatrical sounding track that boasts with energy and is easily their catchiest since “Nine In The Afternoon”. Recently their music has been a bit all over the place and quite inconsistent but they’ve rediscovered their roots on “Hallelujah” which will win back the fans that have been sitting on the fence. With their new album 85% done you can’t help but be curious or what else they have in store cause I sure am ready for some infectious pop/rock anthems.