SINGLE REVIEW: Adam Lambert – Ghost Town


It’s been a long time coming but the prince of Glam is back. After spending the majority of 2014 touring with Queen, Adam Lambert is finally ready to share new solo material. His third studio album “The Original High” will be released on June 12 and sees him collaborating with the likes of Swedish songstress Tove Lo and music royalty Brian May. The lead single “Ghost Town” is a Max Martin penned gem that rivals “Love Me Like You Do” (also penned by Max Martin) as one of the best produced pop releases of 2015 yet. Beginning with only an acoustic guitar the song gradually moves into a simple and relaxed dance beat accompanied with a haunting whistle during the hook that will be locked in your head for hours. It perfectly accompanies his unique vocal range and allows him to deliver a sound that we haven’t quite heard him tackle yet. Lyrically the song is darker than what Glamberts usually expect from the singer but it resonates well. “Now I’m searching for trust in a city of rust, a city of vampires. Tonight, Elvis is dead and everyone’s spread and love is a satire”. One thing this song is missing is a ridiculous high note or momentous moment built up by the intriguing melody. It was something I was waiting for and it just never came but luckily for him the song is still a bop and is instantly a favourite. It’s not as in your face as his previous songs but it sees him genre bending pop, glam and house together for a weird fusion that stands out on the mainstream market. As a first taste from his highly anticipated third studio album “Ghost Town” is a dark and moody pop gem that will have you falling in love with Adam all over again.

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