LIVE REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Brisbane Convention Centre


It may have taken her 8 years but Demi Lovato finally made it to Australia. The singer, songstress, actress and musician touched down in Brisbane to kick off the Oceania leg of her Demi World Tour. Kicking off the show with the energetic “Really Don’t Care” she didn’t mess around jumping into fan favourites “The Middle”, “Fire Starter”, “Remember December” and “Heart Attack” before addressing the excited crowd. Welcoming the Brisbane crowd to the first stop on her Australian tour she gushed about how she had been wanting to come to Australia since she was 14 and reminisced to Myspace days whern some of her pre-fame fans would message her asking her to come “down under”. She apologized that it took her so long but in return she gave them a rare acoustic rendition” of her first single “Get Back”. And so began the stripped back portion of the show where she impressed with her indescribable vocal range belting out “My Love Is Like A Star”, “Don’t Forget” and “Catch Me”. Looking around at the crowd I noticed a steady 17-21 year old age range with a few little ones swaying their hands in the stands unknowingly to the majority of the songs until she blessed them with her pop rendition of “Let It Go”. It was the self-esteem anthem “Warrior” and the guardian angel themed “Nightingale” that reduced the majority of the older crowd to tears with a sea of iPhone’s lighting up the arena. She told the crowd that she noticed a lot of people sitting down during the show and made note that when she sings an upbeat track that she expects everyone to be up dancing. And it was that speech that she had the whole crowd up during “Two Pieces” to show her their best interpretive dancing. Closing out the show with “Got Dynamite”, “Skyscraper” and the ultimate jam “Give Your Heart A Break” the 70 minute show came to an immediate hault. Returning for one final dance and goodbye she had the whole arena singing to “Neon Lights” before taking her final bow. The show was very short and with this being her first trip to Australia there were a few songs notably left off the setlist (“La La Land”, “Here We Go Again”, “Made In The USA” and “This Is Me”). However the setlist showed an impressive versatility with her back catalogue with a good mix of rock, pop, acoustic and dance tracks that kept the shows pace constantly moving and interesting. The production was very low and saw her dancers and large set not making it down under. But her and her band didn’t not disappoint and gave a performance that had me dancing pretty hard and reminiscing to my teenage years. My only criticism is that she took too long to talk to the crowd at the beginning of the show (It was on the 6th song that she finally said hello) but once she warmed up she was hilarious and told some interesting anecdotes. She vowed to see the crowd next year but with low ticket sales I can only hope that she does come back because she sure knows to put on an enjoyable and energetic show.

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  1. Demi was amazing wasn’t she! I went to her Sydney Concert, which was the one held the night after yours, and I was blown away by how perfect she was live. Love how she bought up the myspace fans thing, and did she make the finding nemo joke at your show as well? btw, I actually wrote a piece on my blog about the concert if you’d like to have a read. So nice to find a fellow Demi Lovato Fan here on wordpress.

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