LIVE REVIEW: Short Stack – The Brightside


After a short hiatus and a much needed maturing Short Stack made a comeback last year to a lukewarm response. They still had their hardcore fans by their side but the hysteria that followed them in the 2009-2011 days just wasn’t there anymore. After four intimate sold out shows in June last year the band returned to the studio to work on their fourth studio album. In classic Short Stack style they gained a lot of controversy while touring with The Vamps in January this year and ended up being kicked off the tour. But this just made them more determined. They announced a run of intimate dates and have ended up selling out all 9 shows.

Taking the stage to a packed and sweaty Brightside on Good Friday Eve the band didn’t mess around delivering a charismatic punk/pop show. Perfectly opening with new track “I Don’t Wanna Get Better” they launched into a set of mostly old favourites. “Princess”, “Ladies And Gentlemen”, “Shimmy A Go Go” , “Sway Sway Baby” and “Planets” unsurprisingly had the biggest singalongs but it was the new songs that I was surprised that most of the crowd already knew all the lyrics to. The show was full of energy and was fun but it was lacking the consistency and structure their previous tours had. An acoustic breakdown would have showcased lead vocalist Shaun Diviney’s improved vocal range. Also drummer Bradie Webb usually impresses the crowd with a flawless drum solo but in this tour that was missing. It just seemed a few main elements were missing and maybe it was the restrictions of a smaller venue but with seeing them a few times live this was the weakest I’ve seen them. Hopefully they get a venue upgrade for their album tour at the end of the year and get back in synch again because their new music is actually really decent.

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  1. Was this the U18 show?
    I have been going to concerts/music festivals every year since I was 6 and I think that the show was amazing. They really connected with their fans and had added extra songs to the setlist (we found the setlist). I was in second row and even opening acts were amazing.
    I’m getting ready to buy tickets to their next show in brisbane.

    – Just a Brissy girl (16)

    1. This was for the over 18 show the night before. I’ve seen the band live a lot since they their Princess single tour and it just wasn’t the best I’ve seen them play

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