Single Review: Lawson – Roads

Lawson Roads

Lawson are back after a year off writing and recording their second studio album which is expected to be released at the end of the year. They have just dropped their first single and look, don’t expect anyone to be raving about it. “Roads” is ultimately forgettable. Giving into the indie pop rock trend Lawson have adapted their distinguished pop sound to give us a folk inspired track that just doesn’t impress. It’s boring, cheesy and unimaginative. The tracks sound doesn’t drastically change and is very monotonous for the 3:40 minute duration. Andy’s vocals are standard but could have shown a bit more diversity like on old favourites “Die For You” or “Standing In The Dark”. Lawson need to stop worrying about fitting into the current trends and just make good music again. We saw this happen for the re-release of their debut album “Chapman Square” where they embraced a pop urban sound and even did a collaboration with B.O.B. Now that the indie-pop sound is big they want to release a generically produced indie pop track? Next please. #snoozefest

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