Single Review: Mika – Talk About You


In 2007 Mika had the whole world’s attention with hit after hit dominating the charts but after the success of his debut album “Life In Cartoon Motion” it all began to go downhill from there. His next two albums didn’t exactly get the same attention or love that his debut did and while they were decent records they were also very forgettable. After taking a short break and beginning a new stint on the French version of The Voice, Mika is back. “Talk About You” is the first single from his fourth studio album and it majorly disappoints. The production is terrible, it sounds like a demo that hasn’t been mixed properly and was mistakenly leaked. His vocals are weak compared to his previous work and lack the spark he usually ignites. The sad thing is that the song had major potential. The lyrics are anthem-esque and radiate positivity and love which is something radio is currently lacking. Walk through the city like stupid people do. A million faces, but all I’m seeing is you. I’m stopping strangers and telling them your name. Convincing haters, one day they’ll feel the same”. However the hook is annoying and frustratingly repetitive like “All About The Bass”, (yes it’s THAT annoying). I really wanted to fall in love with this song and have it bring him back onto the charts but it won’t. I will be surprised if radio even picks it up anywhere outside of France.

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