EP REVIEW: Short Stack – Dance With Me


After making a comeback last year Short Stack are finally ready to give fans a taste of what is to come with a four track EP that sees them heading in a new direction. Ditching the punk/pop sound they adopted with their first three releases they are taking a matured approach with their fourth studio album. Opening with the title track “Dance With Me” the new direction is noticeable straight away. With a 70’s rock n roll inspired riff the song channels Iggy Pop and automatically makes you want to start moving. Out of the four tracks this is the most likeable track and brings something unique and different to their diverse catalogue. “I Don’t Wanna Get Better” reminds me of their earlier material with Shaun Diviney’s raw and rasp vocals punching out the desperate chorus. I expected the EP to sound like this song on repeat but I was kind of pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise. “Hearts On Fire” offers an acoustic rock track that evolves into a bigger, anthem inspired moment with a singalong worthy hook that will electrify in their live show. The production is commendable and left me genuinely wanting more. “See You, Space Cowboy” is the only song on this release that left me feeling unsatisfied and confused. The stripped back track is forgettable at best and offers no real substance. You will probably just want to skip it.

The boys from Budgewoi have grown up and have begun experimenting with a matured rock song that suit’s Diviney’s vocals well. He no longer sounds whiny or “try hard” and has thankfully found his feet with his vocal range. With this new offering of tracks and a sold out “secret show tour” their new album will be anxiously awaited from their hardcore fans that really haven’t left their side. This EP is very different to anything they have done before and it shows great diversity and improvements in their sound. They have always been a band you either love or hate but maybe it’s time to forgive them for their egos in the 2008-2011 days and give them one more chance?

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