LIVE REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Kylie Minogue is a seasoned entertainer but what her previous tours have lacked is honesty and genuine heart. When Kylie tours she goes all out with all the bells and whistles but this time  she’s stripped everything back and focused on letting the audience get to know her a little better and celebrate her incredible career that spans over two decades.

Opening with “Les Sex” she arrived onto the futuristic stage laying down on a lit up pair of big lips to the adoring crowd. Beginning a little cheeky the first segment of the show saw her dancers in obscure and sexy costumes while she belted out the upbeat tracks “In My Arms”, “Timebomb” and “Wow”. The minimalistic production was noticeable quite early in the show but it was a good creative direction because it allowed Kylie’s personality to shine through. Her quirky Australian humour welcomed the crowd to the final date on the Kiss Me Once Tour and perfectly segued into a little trip down memory lane. Launching into “Step Back In Time”, “Spinning Around”, “Your Disco Needs You” and “On A Night Like This” she had her old school fans sitting on cloud nine with these immaculate choices. Her lighting displays were phenomenal and lit up the whole arena making the singalongs that tad extra magical. Earlier in the night the godfather of disco Giorgio Mororder opened up the show with a set of disco favourites before returning to the stage during Kylies set to perform their new song “Right Here, Right Now” and a sweet rendition of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”. “Slow” got a bit of a rework and stood out with it’s killer vibe. Up to this point of the show Kylie hadn’t really shown her camp side yet but it was with the next segment of the show where she went back to the beginning of her career that she unraveled that side. With a medley of old classics “Hand on Your Heart”, “Never Too Late”, “Got to Be Certain” and the gem “I Should Be So Lucky” she had her male dancers shirtless and getting down and dirty while she played it cute with a little sing in the bath. With multiple costume changes throughout the show it was hard to keep up with her different looks but it was the “Lick Kiss” segment of the show that had me in awe of her flawless look. Beginning with an impressive rendition of INXS’ “Need You Tonight” she had the whole arena’s tongues wagging with a raunchy Fifty Shades Of Grey-esque performance of “Sexercize” proving that she still had what it takes to have the gay crowd question their sexuality. It was the epically fun “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and “Kids” that had me grooving hard but it was her vocals that continued to impress. Before seeing Kylie live I never thought she had a strong voice but throughout this show she constantly left me eating my words. The last segment of the show saw her belting out a few fan favourites including “Kiss Me Once”, Get Outta My Way” and the mega hits “Love At First Sight” and “The Locomotion” before closing the show with an epic confetti drop during “All The Lovers” Returning to the stage to graciously say goodnight and thank you she ran around the stag belting out “Into The Blue” before disappearing under the stage.

This tour may not have included elaborate set changes or mechanical water fountains but it had a whole lot of heart and soul. She allowed people to see a different side of her while letting herself go a bit more fun on stage instead of always having to think about the next cue. With what is easily one of her best setlists yet this show was really just a giant disco. The costumes were flawless, her vocals were insane, her dancers were hot, her band was on fire and the lighting was mesmerizing. Is this there something I missed?

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