LIVE REVIEW: Jessie J – Eatons Hill Hotel

Jessie J Promo

Timomatic is currently amidst of an identity crisis. He’s altered his stage name to Tim Omaji and is attempting to embody a rock persona with his new music but the problem is he’s still dressing as a thug wannabe. His welcoming on stage is less than thrilling with the majority of the crowd shaking their heads at the mess that was unravelling on the stage. His set was embarrassing to put it bluntly and saw him try so hard to be edgy but it seemed forced and unnatural. The torturous 40 minute set included new songs and re-worked versions of his party starters “Set It Off”, “Parachute” and “If Looks Could Kill”. This new image doesn’t work for him and he needs to re-evaluate the choices very carefully.

Jessie J is a born performer and her “Sweet Talker Tour” perfectly showcases that. After seeing the songstress on her 2012 world tour I was less than impressed when she gave an average live show that had moments of brilliance but needed work. Three years on she’s back in more intimate venues with a stage presence that left me eating my words. She’s improved the way she interacts with the crowd and band and the way she moves on stage but her vocals are still mind blowing and left the crowd in absolute awe. Opening with “Ain’t Been Done” she perfectly drew the crowd in with a vocal led intro that had you cursing about how flawless her vocal range was before launching into the full song. With no time for messing around she launched straight into the fun “Sexy Lady” and smash hit “Domino” which had the whole crowd singing and dancing like they would behind closed doors. The show was very basic and relied on audience interaction and depended on her delivering a strong vocal performance. She stepped up and offered that and even more. Her slick band brought the pop songs to life and gave them a new unique energy. She continued the show with tracks from her new album “Sweet Talker” including the fiery title track that needs to be a single ASAP before launching into old favourites “Who You Are”, and “Do It Like A Dude”. One of the show’s highlight was in between songs when she was having a drink and started talking to a girl in the front row. Jessie started asking her questions by singing them to her and created an impromptu song proving to everyone how special and rare her insane vocal range is. Some songs were notably left off the setlist including the singles “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Wild”, “It’s My Party” and “Thunder”. Closing the show out with the hits “Burnin Up”, “Price Tag”, “Masterpiece” and “Bang Bang” she left the crowd wanting and needing more. Her honesty and grace on stage is commendable and after such an electric show the next time she tours she will undoubtedly playing in a bigger venue.

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