SINGLE REVIEW: Maroon 5 Feat. Nicki Minaj – Sugar (REMIX)


Maroon 5 have just kicked off their biggest world tour to date and they are currently sitting comfortably in the top 10 charts with recent viral single “Sugar”. And what does every hit single need? A hot remix that’s what and Maroon 5 have signed, sealed and delivered a pretty fiery one. With a feature rap from Nicki Minaj the remix begins with her saying “Nicki Minaj. Maroon 5. Let’s go” before launching into a short but sweet rap that sees her stamping her unique flavor onto the song. Her pronunciation is classic Nicki and is very on par with her recent stripped back album “The Pinkprint”. She’s not as in your face as she is on “Bang Bang” or as weird as “Starships”, it’s just her having some fun and giving “Sugar” the Nicki Minaj spin. In regard to the rest of the song the verses have a RNB influenced arrangement that is beat focused and ties in well with Minaj’s rap. The slick bassline from the original track is lost in this remix and only returns for the chorus which thankfully remains the same. I prefer the original version and don’t see radio falling completely falling in love with this remix but it’s enjoyable and give’s the song a cool twist.

Maroon 5 are bringing their “V World Tour” to Australia in September playing shows in Sydney and Melbourne. A Brisbane show is expected to be added with Ticketek announcing a waitlist for the show on their website.

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