SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me


I’m really glad Jason Derulo has finally got over that annoying RNB sound he somehow made popular with “Talk Dirty” and “Wiggle”. Returning to a more pop influenced sound he has premiered the first single from his forthcoming studio album. “Want To Want Me” is an overall catchy track that fuses pop and RNB well with a cheesy hook. The verses are so perfect and are substantially edgy for the sound he usually brings to the table. But it’s the chorus that disappoints and quickly becomes brain numbingly boring. It falls flat in bringing that high moment that the verses perfectly build momentum for. His vocals aren’t as heavily auto tuned as previous songs and allows him to offer smooth falsetto that reminds me of Adam Levine’s impressive vocal range. After a couple of listens “Want To Want Me” does grow on you but the chorus will always leave you feeling a tad ripped off.

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