SINGLE REVIEW: Jordin Sparks Feat. 2 Chainz – Double Tap


“Double Tap” may just be the worst song of 2015 and possibly ever. Jordin Sparks usually provides the inspiring pop bops that sit comfortably in the Top 10 Charts but this new song and image is challenging that. The title may mislead you, it’s not a sexual innuendo themed song, no no, it’s about a guy she’s seeing liking another girls photo on Instagram. Yep, you read that right. She sings so confidently in the hook “Bet you won’t double tap that hoe” as if she thinks the hook is actually good, she was very mislead. The rhythmic track is very similar to the sound Tinashe produced on her critically acclaimed album “Aquarius” and is almost like a cheap rip off of “2 On”. But I have to question why all these artists feature 2chainz on their tracks like do they realise there are other and better rappers out there? I feel like every pop vocalist is releasing a song featuring 2 Chainz at the moment and its quickly becoming boring. This comeback from Jordin Sparks feels cheap, gimmicky and fake. This is not the soul, RNB diva that blessed us with the anthems “Tattoo”, “No Air”, “One Step At A Time”, “Battlefield” or the underappreciated “I Am Woman”, it sounds like someone struggling to make a paycheck. The production is very boring, the pre hook falls flat and her vocals are very dull and doesn’t showcase her incredible vocal ability. If you want to hear more new music from Jordin Sparks you can download her mixtape “#ByeFelicia” (yep, it’s actually called that) for free now.

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