LIVE REVIEW: Adore Delano – The Hifi


Season 6 Rupual’s Drag Race finalist Adore Delano is no stranger to the spotlight neither is she afraid of it. Her live shows are notoriously energetic, crude, fun and wild and she lived up to every expectation when she stepped onto that stage in Brisbane. Opening with the highly suggestive “DTF” she didn’t waste time getting down and dirty showing the ecstatic crowd that she was going to show them a real glam rock-n-roll time.

Launching straight into “Party” she got up close and personal with the crowd by running into the middle of the mosh and it was at that moment she had the crowd eating out of her palm and they were loving it. “I Look Fucking Cool” was an early set highlight that had everyone dancing and bopping like we were transported to some inter-galactic club. It was Adore Delano’s pure vocal strength that stole the show because the range that she can belt out is phenomenal. Most people think all drag queens just lip synch but not Miss Delano, she was out there and giving Brisbane her everything.

Other set highlights included “Hello I Love You”, “The Creeps”, “I Adore U” and the ultra-cool new single “Give Me Tonight”.  Closing with a vocally perfect rendition of Prince’s classic “Purple Rain” she left the crowd in awe and sweaty from dancing the whole 75 minute show.

Her hilarious mid set anecdotes and bubble onstage presence made her easy to connect with and made the show highly memorable. Adore Delano is a real performer and a star on the rise.

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