SINGLE REVIEW: Rihanna – Towards The Sun


While the world is patiently waiting for more details on the highly anticipated “R8”, Rihanna is ready to give us some more new music. “Towards The Sun” is the official lead single from the new children’s movie “Home” that she is also a voice actress in. Delivering a glorious and uplifting hook this song is quite different to what we usually expect from the diva. Her vocals during the hook are gospel-esque and beautifully raw while delivering a powerful message. “Turn your face towards the sun, let the shadows fall behind you. Tell a pray, just carry on, and the shadows will never find you”. The verses are driven by a strong drum beat and synth while she channels her gritty vocals that easily roll off her tongue before launching into a powerful chorus. It’s at that moment that you realise how incredible her vocal range and your excitement for “R8” will sky rocket. “Towards The Sun” is infectiously bright and catchy and with radio already falling in love with it she may be looking at another number one single.

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