EP REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Nostalgia


Chase Atlantic are an independent Australian three piece who continue to impress with their dark, moody and daringly honest tracks. Their second EP “Nostalgia” offers an improved and refined sound taking influence from acts like The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys. Taking a modern approach to rock they experiment with EDM and pop techniques to give their sound something more fulfilling. With a saxophone solo featuring on two tracks there are always a few little surprised to keep the listeners captivated. The production is impressive and with it all being independently done by Clinton Cave you can’t help but question the work of your so called faves.

As an EP opener “Roxanne” doesn’t quite hit the mark. It grows on you with each listen and will appeal to the younger fans more than anything. It is the least impressive song on the EP but it’s still mildly enjoyable and is bop-able. “Vibes” was instantly one of my favourites because it’s just a pure jam that will have you vibe-ing. (yes, pun intended). This is a track you would want to hear at a festival, amongst a sea of people you don’t know but for 3 minutes your voices are one. “Meddle About” echoes the sex appeal of the Arctic Monkeys hit “Do I Wanna Know” with its gritty guitar riff and gradual mood incline. Lead singer Mitchell Cave shows a lot of maturity with his raw vocal delivery and entices the listeners with his seductive pronunciation of the words “we can meddle about”. “Talk Slow” is very The 1975-esque and offers a very cool pre-hook before deflating a bit during the chorus. The saxophone solo lifts the mood back up and offers a much needed texture. It grows on you with each listen. Standing out as my personal favourite on this EP is “Friends” as it gives us a darker sound and a really slick cinematic style production. This will be the song that will make their live set unforgettable and allows them to stand out on the world stage. Lead vocalist Mitchell Cave offers a matured vocal delivery ahead of his years and leads the band with epic style. The lyrics are spot on, the music is well thought about and produced and the harmonies are on point. Chase Atlantic are a band who deserve all the hype because they are the real deal and this EP is impressive.

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