SINGLE REVIEW: Nate Ruess – Nothing Without Love


Taking a hiatus from Fun to explore solo projects one could only assume that lead singer Nate Ruess wanted to experiment with new sounds and songwriting techniques. With his debut single “Nothing Without Love” premiering you wouldn’t be wrong to assume it was Fun if you heard it on the radio. Using the same formula as previous Fun hits he captivates you with a drum heavy chorus and a gospel inspired breakdown. Heartbreak themed he writes an emotional anthem that speaks to people who have just recently had a break up. “I don’t wanna lose this one. She made me feel whole, you know. I am, I’m nothing without love”. His vocals are perfect on this track and the techniques he uses are interesting and make you want to continue listening. Tying the anthem ready track all together is the ridiculously catchy “na na na hey, ooh oh” breakdown. If this song is anything to go by Nate Ruess is going to have a long solo career but it would’ve been interesting to hear him experiment with a different sound. However “Nothing Without Love” is the perfect festival sing a long, the perfect break up track and just an ultimate jam.

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