Single Review: Kelly Clarkson – Invincible


Kelly Clarkson’s comeback was underwhelming to say the least with “Heartbeat Song” failing to deliver unforgettable pop brilliance like we are used to from the songstress. The hype for her new album “Piece By Piece” is seemingly low but single number two may just turn that around. “Invincible” is the feel good, motivating pop anthem that you were waiting for and it’s one of her strongest tracks to date. Feeling like a sequel to her 2011 hit “Stronger” she proclaims during the chorus “Now I am Invincible, no I ain’t a scared little girl no more. Yeah I am invincible, what was I running for?”. It’s an anthem for anyone that has felt like they could be defeated and aims to empower listeners and it succeeds. It’s a feel good, infectious pop track that immediately brings a smile to your face and continually grows on you. With a strong drum beat and synth presence the production is spot on and if her album offers more songs like this then I am very excited. Her two high notes and vocal breakdown before the last chorus will leave you with your jaw on the ground. It could quite possibly be her best vocal performance yet but I will leave that up to you to judge. “Invincible” is worth a listen and should have replaced the floppy “Heartbeat Song” as the first single.

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