LIVE REVIEWS: One Direction – Suncorp Stadium


Most publications are going to sugar coat their reviews on One Direction’s Australian tour but I’m not… With a disappointing stage presence, recycled staging and an overall boring show it’s safe to say this may be their first and last stadium tour of Australia. Opening with the absolute banger “Clouds” from their new album “Four” things looked up for the 5 UK lads. The hysteria levels weren’t as high as their sold out 2013 tour but some girls were still going crazy for this boy band. Launching into two hours of mainly old material their “brand new show” started too look and sound a lot like their 2014 “Where We Are Tour”. Set highlights included “Midnight Memories”, “Kiss You”, “Happily”, “Strong”, “Better Than Words” and “Night Changes”. The lack of “Four” material was surprising with fan favourites “Stockholm Syndrome” and “No Control” disappointingly being left out.

Their vocals and harmonies were noticeably impressive and saw Zayn Malik standing out as one of the groups strongest vocalists with his incomparable high notes. But it was their stage presences that lacked substance. With minimal crowd interaction and inter-band interaction the repetitive show quickly got boring. There’s so much of watching people walk up and down a catwalk one can take and One Direction exceeded those limits. Their stage set up was fairly poor and saw them recycling their stage design for the “Where We Are Tour” with a new colour scheme. They needed to shake things up and reinvent their live show because right now they look over it, unenthused and bored when they should be looking excited and refreshed as they only just kicked off the world tour 2 shows ago. I would have loved to have seen them have an “in the round” design stage as it would have allowed them to get up close and personal with fans allowing fans to see new angles of their live show. The most exciting thing of the whole show was the firework displays that lit up the stadium with an array of colours and effects. Harry unsurprisingly had the crowd in hysterics when he walked back onto the stage after a sneaky toilet break midway through a song with his hair in a well perfected man bun making the whole stadium swoon. Niall embarrassingly kept thanking the crowd for “selling the show out” while staring at the numerous empty blocks of seats that scattered the 3/4 full stadium. Perfectly closing the show with “You And I”, “Little White Lies”, “Little Black Dress” and “Best Song Ever” they had the audience in the palm of their hands singing every word back at them.

I really wanted to love this show but after seeing them multiple times in the past their on stage presence has left me underwhelmed and unimpressed. I still danced the night away to their upbeat jams and enjoyed the company I was with but as entertainers they failed at their one job; to keep you interested and captivated. You know it’s a serious problem when both support acts put in more energy combined than the main act.

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