ALBUM REVIEW – Fifth Harmony – Reflection

fifth harmony

Love them or hate em there is no denying that the girls from Fifth Harmony are ridiculously talented. On their highly anticipated debut album “Reflection” they showcase their incredible vocal range and smooth harmonies with ease while delivering some strong independently fueled pop/RNB tracks. It isn’t all smooth sailing for these girls as halfway through the album they fall victim to boring repetitive and over produced tracks.

Opening strong with “Top Down” the girls cement a feel free, RNB vibe for the album that focuses on their versatile vocal range and interesting beat breakdowns. “Sledgehammer” delivers a pure pop tune that will have you busting out the moves and will honestly win you over. I’m not a big fan of Meghan Trainor (refer to my *glowing* album review of “Title”) but she did a bit of songwriting work on this album and surprisingly she came through strong. One of the best songs is “Brave Honest Beautiful” which is on the deluxe edition. It’s fun, empowering, a bit cheesy but forgivingly great with name dropping lyrics that will be stuck in your head for hours. “You can dance like Beyonce, you can shake like Shakira, cause you’re brave, fearless and your beautiful”. “This Is How We Roll” is one of the messiest songs on the album with a perfect pop chorus that gets ruined by a half assed Will.I.Am sounding sample.

They give the trumpet sound a bit of a workout on this album with “Worth It” and “Bo$$” being the main highlights of this “Talk Dirty” influenced sound. “Worth It” slays with an infectious bridge that will have you grooving along like there aint no tomorrow. They try to bring back the old school RNB sound putting the main focus on the harmonies but after a few predictive and repetitive tracks it becomes a snoozefest. “Everlasting Love” is the perfect representation of this sound and flawlessly recreates a 90’s sounding pop anthem. I cannot fault their vocals the slightest with a technically perfect delivery making other girl groups like Little Mix sound like amateurs. Reflection steps up the RNB sound slightly and gives you a Destiny Child influenced jam. However It’s songs like “Suga Mama”, “Like Mariah”, “Them Girls Be Like”, “We Know”, “Body Rock” and “Going Nowhere” that will leave you yawning and unimpressed.

For a debut album “Reflection” is a strong indication for what is to come from this girl group. Their vocals are impressive and some of these songs deserve a ridiculous amount of radio play but it’s the second of the album that needs to quickly disappear.

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