LIVE REVIEW: The 1975 – Marquee, Brisbane


Whoever thought having a capacity show in a tin infrastructure during the Australian summer was a good idea should rethink their life decisions. I have never been so hot at a show before from the amount of body heat that was being created. Luckily The 1975 delivered an incredible show that made me forgive the terrible venue location. Lead singer Matty Healy oozes cool on stage serenading the crowd with his sexual innuendos and dark thoughts while drinking wine straight from the bottle. With a set list compiled from their debut albums and EP’s the band gave the audience a night they wouldn’t forget. Opening with “The City” the fans lapped up every moment with “She Way out”, “Robbers”, “Girls”, “Chocolate” and “Sex” getting the biggest reactions. Healy stole everyone’s hearts with a stripped down performance of “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You” that showcased his raw vocal ability and saw him ditch the rockstar persona for a couple of minutes. The production impressed with a fascinating light and smoke show while the bands trademark rectangles lit up the background.

Looking around at the mostly young crowd it quickly came apparent that I didn’t get the memo that you had to wear all black, chokers and septum rings. I did question if half this crowd understood what the band were actually singing about but It was nice seeing a group of older fans at the back of the venue just dancing and enjoying the music the way it was made to be heard. The live sound that band amplify is electric and different from their recorded tracks. The energy is unexplainable and has to be witnessed to understand. So next time they are here make sure you get a ticket because you will 100% regret it.

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