It’s been two years since we’ve heard new music from Princess Cici and with a massive 2015 planned she has already delivered her first single from her forthcoming sixth studio album. “I Bet” is a gracious RNB ballad that allows her to open up and leave her dirty laundry to air. The song criticizes her ex Future and sings about the struggles she had with him and claims that he will want her back once she finds someone else. “I bet you start loving me soon I start loving someone else, somebody better than you. I bet you start needing me soon as you see me with someone else, somebody other than you”. This is the most vulnerable and honest we’ve heard Ciara and I love this sound for her but is it a strong lead single? It grows on you after a few listens with an easily relatable hook that will get stuck in your head. The guy who sings over her during the bridge and chorus is unnecessary and frustratingly annoying. The production is very slick, the beat is captivating and I can’t wait to see what polished choreography she will have for this track. I can’t help but feel that a strong dance/RNB track would have been better suited as a lead single but I guess we just got to hope that people don’t find the male voice as annoying as I do.

Catch Ciara touring Australia and New Zealand in February 2015

February 13 – Perth – Metropolis

February 22 – Melbourne – Alumbra

February 25 – Townsville – Bank

February 26 – Brisbane – Arc Nightlife

*Sydney and New Zealand dates will be announced later this week

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