ALBUM REVIEW – Meghan Trainor – Title


Meghan Trainor may just be one of the most overrated pop stars of right now. Her debut album “Title” is heavily overproduced and relies on annoying doo-woops to attempt to be catchy. Ever since her instant rise to fame with “All About That Bass” she’s been pushing this vintage throwback sound with a side of bad rapping. They are trying so hard to separate her from every other artist on the radio and make this annoying sound “hers”. This would have worked well for her if every song on the album didn’t sound the same and if they experimented with other styles. Fifteen songs with the same styled hook and lyrical references is a bit tedious. However her vocals are strong and she has an interesting vocal delivery that makes you want to hear out what she has to say. Her undeniably cute quirkiness shines bright through most of these tracks but sometimes comes across forced. Lyrically she caters to her demographic well with songs about self-respect, skepticism on boys, one night stands, drunken nights and relationships in general.

“Dear Future Husband” is one of the strongest songs on the album and even though the doo-woops are out in full force this song is epically catchy. “3am” grows on you after a few listens with its mature sound and smooth delivery. While “Bang Dem Sticks”, “Credit” and “Walkashame” are cringe worthy with nonsense raps and try hard quirky lyrics that are instantly annoying. The rest of the album is forgettable, boring and repetitive. Let’s hope when she releases her second studio album there is a bit more variety because the potential for a killer album is there.

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