SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song


Kelly Clarkson usually delivers pop anthems that comfortably sit at the top of the charts but her new pop endeavor falls flat. “Heartbeat Song” lacks substance and fails to build and sustain a level of energy she usually creates effortlessly. The verses are quite strong and have potential but the chorus is boring, safe and way too repetitive. The breakdown of the chorus at the end of the song is cool and I would have loved to hear that idea experimented more and not finish so abruptly. Her vocals are decent and showcase her impressive vocal range during the bridge and final chorus. She however should have had a different vocal delivery during the choruses because she plays it too safe and sounds very “cookie cutter”. “Heartbeat Song” had so much potential and sadly disappoints. Her edge has disappeared and has been replaced with this boring version of the pop star the world fell in love with over ten years ago. Will “Heartbeat Song” be a hit? Probably not, radio will love it but it’s nowhere as enjoyable as her previous singles. Next single please!

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