ALBUM REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho

Fall Out Boy - American Beauty American Psycho Album Download

Fall Out Boy know how to make hit songs. It’s in their DNA and their new album “American Beauty/American Psycho” has some future FOB hits just waiting to be unleashed. Opening track “Irresistible” starts where their last album finished off with an infectious pop rock hook lead by horns, synths and strong drums. It’s a strong indication to where the albums sound is heading toward and re-introduces an electronic edge to their music which has always lingered. “Novocaine” sounds like a sequel to “The Phoenix” from their previous album “Save Rock N Roll” and stands out with epic production and strong lead vocals from Stump. “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, “Fourth Of July” and “Favorite Record” are the more pop influenced tracks on the album and will become fans favourites with their catchy hooks while further experimenting with pop melodies and synths. After a few listens some of the tracks start sounding very similar and repetitive with “Immortals” being a main offender. “American Beauty/American Psycho” is one of the albums most confusing and annoying tracks. The verses are all over the place and feature a strange garage band styled backing track that has been dubbed over while the chorus is plain annoying. “Uma Thurman” is one of the most experimental tracks on this album. It mixes a beach boys vibe during the verse with a classic Fall Out Boy hook. I promise that you will get the hook “She wants to dance like Uma Thurman” stuck in your head instantaneously. This fusion of genres surprisingly works well and creates an unlikely album favourite. Also pushing genre bending boundaries is “Jet Pack Blues” which starts off very slow and explodes into a chorus of synths and beats. It’s on this track that you really get a full showcase of how impressive Patrick Stump’s vocals are. Lead single “Centuries” is classic Fall Out Boy impressing with inspirational lyrics and a catchy hook that I could listen to on loop for a solid hour and still not be annoyed. Closing the album perfectly is “Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)” which is easily the best song on this album. The production is amazing, the sound is classic FOB and the hook is epic. Overall Fall Out Boy have once again produced a pretty decent album that sees them evolving and recycling some of their classic sounds. What this album is lacking is an emotional rock ballad like previous albums that has got you thinking about current world issues. I was constantly waiting for it, but it never came. At times “American Beauty/American Psycho” can feel a bit repetitive but the majority of the album will have you wanting to hit the replay button.