2015 will be a big year for rap newcomer Raury. You may not know his name yet but trust me, you will want to. His unique blend of rap and alternative roots is intriguing and cites influences from Kid Cui to Bon Iver. Hailing from Atlanta he spent 2014 on the road promoting his singles “God’s Whisper” and “Cigarette Song”. Starting off performing for punters on top a van outside other artists show’s he’s gone on to supporting acts like Outkast and headlining his own shows.

“Gods Whisper” gained a lot of media attention and praise and saw the song featured in the credits of Scarlett Johansson’s film “Lucy”. He also was handpicked by Lorde to feature on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Part 1 Soundtrack. “Lost Souls” brought his unique folk inspired rap to a whole new audience and was received incredibly well by fans and critics alike. At the end of 2014 he released “Indigo Child” which was a project to get his music out for free to his growing fan base. This thirteen track release is diverse, intriguing and interesting. He’s included a couple of voice clips of fights he’s had with his mother about his dream and drive towards music. It’s a tad confronting but they are inspiring at the same time because the passion is there and it’s in the rawest form. “Superfly” is a collaboration with Vancouver Sleep Clinic and stands out as one of the strongest tracks. Impressing with strong harmonies and killer production this is one song worth checking out. “Amor” is one of the more upbeat RNB tracks with a rock influenced hook that takes the tracks atmosphere to a whole new level. “Woodcrest Manor” is a traditional rap track that is decent but is overshadowed by brilliant and grittier tracks “Cigarette Song” and “Chariots Of Fire”.

2015 will be a big year for Raury. Kicking off the year touring Australia for Laneway Festival he will then tour America while finishing off his debut album. There’s no slowing him down.

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