ALBUM REVIEW: The Ting Tings – Super Critical

Ting Tings

I may have been the only person to be excited about this comeback but The Ting Tings return to music in 2014 was pretty great. Lead Single “Wrong Club” brought a Daft Punk inspired sound to the table with an infectious hook that wouldn’t leave your head. It wasn’t a commercial hit and you probably didn’t hear it but it’s worth the listen because you will become obsessed. Their third studio album “Super Critical” was released to minimal fanfare and slipped under the radar. The truth is there are some incredible songs on this 9 track album that deserve recognition. “Daughter” is an old school sounding Ting Ting’s track that almost sounds like it was a B-side from their debut album “We Started Nothing” with distorted synths and a catchy hook. It brings their instant wit and charm to the forefront while showcasing lead vocalist Katie White’s unique range. They bring disco back on “Do It Again” with this infectious track that will make you want to jam along. The production is very Pharrell-esque and has been magnified to appeal to a wider audience. “Wrong Club” does this perfectly and is easily one of the best song they have recorded. You will find yourself vibing along to the brilliant hook; “I’m in the wrong club, listening to this shit” instantaneously.  “Only Love” is a perfect middle ground between old school Ting Tings and the new disco loving version. This would be a perfect song to bring to radio as it has a decent pop appeal and the attitude people originally fell in love with them. “Communication” and “Failure” grow on you with each listen and impresses with cool production and fun hooks.

But sadly I don’t have all positive praise for this album as there are a handful of songs that didn’t resonate well. “Super Critical” has one of the most annoying hooks I’ve ever heard. “Wabi Sabi” feels pointless, unnecessary and is honestly boring. And I’m just not sure how “Green Poison” was allowed to be put on the album. But that is very minimal and that’s what the skip button was designed for. The other six tracks are worth checking out because it showcases a fun and innovative side to The Ting Tings which seemed to lack on their forgettable last album “Sounds From Nowheresville”.

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