SINGLE REVIEW – Kanye West – Only One

Kanye West Only One

When the clock ticked over into the New Year there were speculation that Rihanna would release a new single or that Beyoncé would drop a new album but it was actually Kanye West that surprised everyone. The egotistical genius released the emotionally fired and rap-less “Only One” accompanied by music royalty Paul McCartney on the keyboard. While it’s auto-tuned to the max Kanye “belts” it out to this emotional track about the sudden loss of his Mother. The sound is reminiscent to his 2008 album “808 & Heartbreak” and offers a deeper and more “genuine” side to Kanye. When recording this song he has said that he feels like his mother Donda West who passed away in 2007 spoke through him and gifted him this song. This is the first of two rumored collaborations with Paul McCartney so prepare yourself for another one of these tracks to drop shortly. “Only One” grows on you with each listen and if you were a fan of “808 & Heartbreak” then you will be very happy with this song. However if your waiting for more “Yeezus” styled music then you may have to wait a bit longer.

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