2014 was a big year for music. We saw a lot of brand new artists topping the charts while old favourites made comebacks to a lukewarm response. Some artists released amazing albums while others weren’t as impressive. But what were some of the best and worst moments of 2014? Find out my picks here;

Best Pop Live Show

Katy Perry – The Prismatic World Tour


This show stole my heart, made my smile, made me laugh, had me shed a tear and dance like crazy. Katy Perry is the reigning queen of Pop music and she proved that with the over theatrical pg-13 show that saw her get up close and personal with fans and fly above them for a couple of tracks. The setlist was on point and included old favourites and new tracks from her album “Prism” that set a prismatic party mood for the whole night.


Worst Album

Nicole Scherzinger – Big Fat Lie


I don’t even know where to begin with this album. It has literally 3 good songs and the rest are embarrassing over produced tracks that lack substance and honesty. Her debut album was incredible and very under rated but I hate to say it but this album should have never surfaced.


Most Disappointing Albums

The Script – No Sound Without Silence

No sound without silence_The script

What happened to them? That’s all I had to say after I heard this album for the first time. It was as if they lost their heart and soul and were so focused on making lyrically quotable tracks to please their fans. It didn’t feel genuine and the songs didn’t connect.


One Direction – Four


One Direction need a break. This album is shockingly boring and d grade. “18”, “Stockholm Syndrome” and “Clouds” slightly save the day but the rest can be shelved. Directioners will try to defend the album but there’s no denying that the spark that was there in the beginning has disappeared.



Best Comebacks

The Veronicas


This comeback made my heart so happy and they did it perfectly. Releasing the hauntingly beautiful ballad “You Ruin Me” they instantly returned into the hearts of Australia. Their self-titled album is pure pop goodness. They experiment with new sounds and Electronica and Blues being perfectly tackled while still remaining their established pop rock sound. They are two of the nicest girls in the industry and I’m so glad they are finally back.


Lily Allen


Lilly Allen’s comeback was fairly underrated and her album “Sheezus” wasn’t as critically acclaimed as it should have been. She came back with guns blazing on the controversial “Hard Out Here” and continued to impress and shock with some interesting songs and videos. “URL Badman” and “Sheezus” are pure jams while “Our Time” is a low key ballad that should’ve been received better. I fell in love with this album when I heard it and if you haven’t checked it out yet then you should.


Worst Comebacks

Hilary Duff

Chasing The Sun

Hilary Duff’s comeback should’ve been massive, the song should’ve blown everyone away and reinstated her place in the industry. What actually happened was that she released a really basic low key pop song with no defining hook. Her next single “All About You” was slightly better but still wasn’t the radio hit she was hoping for. She had a lot of time to prepare herself, but it just seems very rushed and unorganized.


Gwen Stefani


This comeback saddened me, a lot. Gwen is the real queen of pop music and she’s also a part of my favourite all time band No Doubt. So I was excited to say the least when she announced her comeback. First single “Baby Don’t Lie” was actually a really great song that just wasn’t commercial enough to sky rocket her return. They then tried with the unimpressive and gimmicky “Spark The Fire” which slowly grows on you but you’re still aware it’s a shit song. I’m excited and nervous to hear her new album in the new year because this could make it or break it for her.


Breakthrough Artist

Tove Lo

Tove Lo

Tove Lo is my favourite discovery of 2014 with her EP and debut album both blowing my mind with her unique honesty and melodic hooks. The album constantly grows on you and has a great way of connecting with you on a whole different level.


2015 Must Watch Artists

Tkay Maidza


Australia has a new star on the rise in the electronic rap game and she goes by the name of Tkay Maidza. She’s sassy, has a sick flow and her stage presence is on point. In 2014 she impressed crowds at Splendour In The Grass and Listen Out while also releasing a raved about mixtape and two well received singles. 2015 will be a big year for the raptress with a new single dropping in January followed by her debut album later in the year.


Ella Eyre


I was waiting for Ella Eyre to blow up in 2014 but it never happened. She’s slowly getting there though with a strong following in the UK that resulted in a sold out Sheppard’s Bush show. Constant festival appearances and support act duties which are making this girls rise to fame unstoppable. 2015 will see her unleash her debut album and if any of her previous EP’s are anything to go by, she will leave you very impressed.


Worst Release

Abigail Breslin – You Suck


Who actually allowed Abigail Breslin to release this song? That’s what I want to know because her slight drastic liking to music is unsurprising to say the least. But this song is shockingly bad. It sounds like a B-side 2003 Avril Lavigne track that should have remained on the cutting room floor. The lyrics are notably about Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer and try’s to shame him but doesn’t really make the effect she was hoping for. I feel sorry for her because her credibility just dropped, substantially.

Most Underated Single

Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down


I LOVE THIS SONG and I still find myself jamming to it quite regularly. The lyrics were uplifting and motivational, her vocals were killer, the hook was infectiously catchy and the music video that joined it was awesome so why was it not a hit? I’m going to blame Calvin Harris for this one and he stopped her from performing it live on any TV shows or events that were recorded. Because he produced and wrote the song he has to approve any TV performances of the song and after their bitter breakup he decided to play dirty and tampered with the success of this epic song.


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