ALBUM REVIEW: Charli XCX – Sucker


Charli XCX is cementing her claim as “the one to watch” and “the next big thing” after a massive year topping the charts with “Boom Clap”, ‘Break The Rules” and featuring on Iggy Azalea’s smash hit “Fancy”. She’s finishing 2014 with the release of her highly anticipated second studio album and it’s just as pop-tastic and guilt free as you hoped for. “Sucker” is a throwback pop album that impresses with grunge rock roots intertwined with synths that will have you grooving along to the bubblegum hooks. It’s quite different to what all the other pop queens are releasing and sees her reinventing herself and creating a killer sound you will want to hear more of. Opening with the ballsy jam “Sucker” she explicitly lets you know that she won’t take any prisoners with the lyrics “You said you wanna bang. Well fuck you, sucker!”. Her personality shines right through the track and she doesn’t stop there with the hilariously epic “London Queen” documenting her move to Hollywood. This song takes a synth lead, beach inspired approach and continues to grow on you with its catchy hook and random JFK reference. Initially “Breaking Up” was one of my least favourite songs and just like the rest of the album is grows on you with its pop led chorus and Gwen Stefani vibe. “Gold Coins” and “Hanging Around are led by heavy guitars and synths but allows a bubblegum chorus to take over and win over tweens and adults alike with the cheesy and fun lyrics. The sexy and ultra-cool “Doing It” is one of my favourite tracks on this album and I don’t know how to describe it other than it’s just a real pop JAM. If you don’t dance along to it, I probably would go to the doctor because its manufactured goodness that will have any pop lover frothing. “Body Of My Own” sounds straight out of a Brit film soundtrack and will dominate your playlists and sultry dancing. “Need Your Love” and “Die Tonight” lack the oomph the rest of the album provides and are easily forgettable. While “Caught In The Middle” is a relaxed catchy track that relies on its hook to make you hit that replay button but succeeds and becomes an instant favourite.

Summer 2015 just got more exciting with the thought of “Famous” dominating our radios, and charts with its infectiously brilliant chorus that could give “Boom Clap” a run for its money. When you hear the energy the chorus gives and the feel good vibe that’s portrayed there’s no doubt in my mind that this song will be massive. Even the lyrics are quotable enough for Instagram and Facebook lovers “One night, and we’re gonna come and crash the party. Weren’t invited but we’re feeling so outrageous, Just like we’re famous”

With infectious songs, grunge influences and a fuck you attitude “Sucker” impresses as a strong pop release that grows on you with every listen. Compared to her debut album this record is very mainstream and sees her competing with the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde and Katy Perry. It’s sex, drugs and rock n roll inspired with no ballads or stripped down tracks to showcase her vocal and lyrical ability ultimately making it a party affair. “Sucker” is a strong album that will impress new and old fans alike and will see her continue her domination on the pop realm in 2015.

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