ALBUM REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Madness

Guy Sebastian - Madness

When you look at the numbers Guy Sebastian is easily one of Australia’s most successful musicians and with eleven years experience in the industry he’s showing no sign of slowing down. “Madness” is Sebastian’s seventh studio album and his most eclectic to date. Opening with the title track “Madness” he delivers an anthemic track with impressive production that needs to be heard through headphones. The strong harmonies and urban vibes are reminiscent of his last album “Armageddon” and instantly becomes an album highlight. Following in its footsteps is the powerful “Elephant” that implements brass and drums while constantly expanding the sound and mood throughout its duration. Lyrically it’s one of the most open tracks on the album with lyrics like; “There’s a grey big elephant up in this room. I know we both refuse to face, we know it’s true”. He channels “Battle Scars” and takes listeners to church on the gospel RNB track “Light And Shade” that will have you singing along instantaneously. Stepping back to his roots on “Lightning” Sebastian gives us a Latin influenced track that will make old school fans very happy. However I want to know how Fatai (The Voice Australia contestant) got an invite to be featured on this song as he surely had some better options available to him. Vocally Guy has matured and still has the ability to give you goosebumps with album closer “The Pause” proving that fact. There a couple of tracks that could definitely be skipped as they are forgettable and boring to put it politely. These include the dull “Alive”, the forgettable “One Of Us” and the emotionally try hard “Imagine The Sunrise”.

He’s been choosing the wrong singles to lead this album with the annoying “Mama Ain’t Proud” avoiding radio play while the dull “Come Home With Me” is easily forgettable. However new single “Linger” is a step in the right direction giving listeners a heavy production RNB track backed up with a verse from Lupe Fiasco. The chorus has an epic synth led hook that will have you throwing your hands up in the air. The infectious pop jam “Like A Drum” that was your 2013 summer anthem is also included on the record to throw in pure pop vibes. “Animal In Me” is a single waiting to be released and should’ve replaced “Come Home With Me” as the lead single because it puts it to shame in 30 seconds.

“Madness” is an eclectic pop/RNB record that will leave die hard Guy Sebastian fans impressed and new fans intrigued. You will find yourself skipping a couple of tracks but the ones you don’t skip make up for the finger exercises as they are simply incredible.

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