SINGLE REVIEW: Gwen Stefani – Spark The Fire


2014 has been the year of music comebacks but none as exciting as the return of the original queen, Gwen Stefani. Her first single “Baby Don’t Lie” dabbled in infectious reggae pop inspired beats produced by industry heavyweight Ryan Tedder. Her second single “Spark The Fire” enlists the help from long term collaborator and friend Pharrell Williams. With their previous collaborations including “Hollaback Girl”, “Wind It Up” and “Yummy” expectations for this song were reasonably high. Sadly at a first listen “Spark The Fire” majorly disappoints. The reason I say that is because after a few listens the infectious and ridiculous melody does grow on you. Most people won’t give it more than one listen though and I don’t blame them because if I personally wasn’t a No Doubt or Gwen fan I wouldn’t have given it a second listen. It reminds me of “Yummy” which has a very similar structure and see’s Gwen rapping the hilariously written verses while proclaiming “Who got the light? Let’s spark the fire” in the beat driven chorus. I’m not sure why this was chosen as a second single because what Gwen needs right now is a hit and this isn’t it. Like “Yummy” it will probably become a fan favourite and a live highlight because it is so ridiculous and showcases her personality perfectly. This is the real Gwen Stefani and if you’ve listened to “Love Angel Music Baby” or “The Sweet Escape” you would know that but usually her singles have more oomph than they have had recently. “Spark The Fire” is messy but a whole lot of fun if you give it more than one listen.

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