Attention teenage girls; I would like to introduce you to your new obsession. Rixton are a four piece English pop/RNB band who started uploading covers of artists like Taylor Swift, Chris Brown and Rita Ora to YouTube before being signed to Interscope Records and managed by industry heavyweight Scooter Braun. Jake, Charley, Danny and Lewi are on the road to success and with a large social media following that continues to grow everything is looking up for them. Their debut single “Me And My Broken Heart” was a breakthrough hit for the group worldwide with it doing extremely well in the UK, US and Europe. The RNB/pop song interpolates the chorus of Rob Thomas’ hit single “Lonely No More” and successfully pulls it off. It’s an infectious road trip worthy song that radio here in Australia fell in love with. They’ve backed it up with the RNB flavoured “Wait On Me” which is just as catchy and shows a different side of the band. It hasn’t been the hit they had hoped for but the potential is there. Their debut album “Let The Road” will be unleashed worldwide on 2 March 2015 and this album is set to take their career to their next level. In March 2014 they released their EP “Me And My Broken Heart” which included the single and album tracks “Appreciated”, “Hotel Ceiling” and “We All Want The Same Thing”. These three songs allowed new fans of the band to get a good indicator of where their music was going sonically. “Hotel Ceiling” which was co-written by Ed Sheeran is the highlight of this EP and strips production back to allow the harmonies to take over. “We All Want The Same Thing” delivers a slick chorus and mature sound that opens their fan base right up. In the lead up to the release of their EP they released a track called “Make Out” which features as an international bonus track on the album. The track is pretty decent but the music video they released for it is pure gold. Reenacting music videos from Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga this video is a must watch for a guaranteed laugh and insight to the personality of the band members.

Lead singer Jake Roche’s vocal range is impressive and with the five songs that have been released he has already shown a great diversity. A couple of songs from the album have been premiered in their live set including a track called Speakerphone. This has instantly been a fan favourite and I’m not surprised because it’s an infectiously catchy track with carefree lyrics like “Put me on speakerphone, I know you’re not alone. Enough is enough, I only call when I’m drunk”. They recently just performed a sold out show at The El Rey in LA and a professional live video of “Speakerphone” from that show has just been released. This perfectly captured the energy from their live show and can I just say… how epic does that song sound live?! Rixton are hitting the road with Ariana Grande in 2015 in the UK and US so don’t miss out on that killer live show.

Rixton are a band worth checking out and if you’re a fan of The Vamps or Lawson you will most definitely fall in love with them.


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