ALBUM REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Reclassified


2014 – The year of Iggy Azalea. We should really just rename the year that to be honest. From having overwhelming success with her debut album “The New Classic” to topping that charts with “Fancy”, Black Widow” and “Problem” there’s no surprise every won’t stop talking about her. As an artist Iggy has come a long way, from not getting recognition to winning awards left, right and centre while her face is being plastered everywhere. As someone who has been following her career since the mixtape days this has been an amazing transformation to see the rest of the world fall in love with her. It’s about time we got some new music and “Reclassified” does not disappoint with five killer new tracks that are about to become your summer anthems.

“We In The Bitch” brings back old school RNB vibes (think early Snoop Dogg) with this gutsy track that will be a favourite with any long term Azalean. Her personality shines bright in this track with her trademark sassiness taking over.

“Beg For It” (Feat. Mo) was announced as the first single for this re-release and when I first heard it I was very underwhelmed. It sounds like “Black Widow” and “Fancy” mashed up together in a strange remix. It seemed unoriginal and boring but after a few listens the infectious track won me over. It still isn’t my favourite Iggy track, neither will it be but I now appreciate it in a unique way.

Iggy takes listeners to church on “Trouble” with a brassy gospel chorus belted out by the incredible Jennifer Hudson.  This is the most diverse song she has every released and experiments with a sound that is becoming increasingly popular on commercial radio. Her raps are on point and seamlessly roll into these big choruses lead by J-Hud. It could easily become a single and perform well on the charts.

“Iggy SZN” is a MAJOR jam and if you don’t get excited over this song like I do then you’re kidding yourself. It’s sassy, fun and reminiscent of Iggy’s early mixtape material that made me fall in love with the unique rap-star. It’s totally her and I would love to see Radio eat up this song and give it the love it deserves. “Simmer down bitch, its Iggy season”

The song I was most excited to hear from “Reclassified” was the Ellie Goulding collaboration “Heavy Crown” and it delivers in ways you never expected. Bursting out of the gates and into a fiery rap Iggy slays a beat driven verse that confronts people that didn’t believe in her. Ellie Goulding leads a powerful chorus with her unique soulful vocals before showing her fierce side with the last line “But bitch I got it now…”. This should have been the lead single for Reclassified as it’s different, fierce and ballsy enough to work incredibly well. This is one song you will continually have on replay and play to death.

As well as the five new songs Iggy has thrown in a couple of songs from The New Classic. These include the singles; “Work”, “Bounce”, “Change Your Life”, “Fancy” and “Black Widow”, fan favourite “I Don’t Need Y’all” and the bonus track (and ultimate jam); “Rolex”. This track listing has been compiled well and looks as if Iggy is going to attempt to return to her roots with new music due in 2015. If you’re a fan of Iggy Azalea then “Reclassified” is worth a listen because it will reignite your love for the talented raptress.

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