ALBUM REVIEW: Beyoncé – Platinum Edition


Thankfully this time round Beyoncé has given us some warning of a release so we could mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the slayage. With only two new songs and four remixes there isn’t much new material but what she gives us is EPIC. “7/11” is your new favourite Jam with its basic beat and ridiculous lyrics that will have you going back for more and constantly repeating this track. Its pure fun and the perfect mixture of “Flawless” and “Drunk In Love” with its dance beat and impressive rapping. “Ring Off” takes things more seriously with a powerful chorus proclaiming “Until you had enough then you took that ring off, you took that ring off. So tired of the lies and trying, fighting, crying”. The verses have a funky reggae inspired beat  that integrates into a slight power ballad chorus with heavy synths. Her vocals are incredible as always, let’s be honest thought you can’t fault Beyoncé’s vocal range. Nicki Minaj and Beyonce kick off the remixes with a reworked version of “Flawless” that may just send you into cardiac arrest. She even addresses the Solange Knowles elevator incident with; “Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator”. Nicki Minaj takes things to a whole new level with her intense rap that nearly overshadows Beyoncé, just nearly. With lyrics like “Like MJ doctors, they killing me” and “All this ass on that flawless dick, Instagram another flawless pic” Nicki knows how to get people talking. The remix is actually better than the original and will give you a new love for this song. “Drunk In Love” gets a reworking with Kanye West adding his opinion and a new structure making this version more instantly likeable and dance friendly. Pharrell Williams attempts to put his magic touch on the infectious “Blow” but his addition to the song is messy to put it politely. His harmonies were completely off and come across mix interpreted. “Standing On The Sun” was an exclusive song released for a Pepsi commercial and she’s graciously added a remix of the soulful track for the Platinum Edition. The catchy chorus is reminiscent of Jessica Simpsons “With You” but a bit grittier. The remix isn’t that much different to the original and I’m glad because this song deserved to be properly released. The Platinum Edition of the self-titled album is quite short but it works well giving fans new interpretations of favourite songs and two killer new tracks. The physical edition will also come with the full visual self-titled album, a DVD of performances from The Mrs Carter World Tour and a 2015 calendar. Beyonce is still queen, her reign is never ending and my mind, body and soul are prepared for what she has installed next.

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