ALBUM REVIEW: Azealia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste


After three years Azealia Banks’ electric debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste” is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint The controversial raptress has a lot to say and doesn’t shy away from saying it with this eclectic mix of rap, pop, dance and 90’s RNB. Serving truth and realness with a bit of well rhymed craziness these infectious tracks rival recent hits from the likes of Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. Opening with the chaotic and perfect “Idle Delilah” she throws around monkey screams, bongo drums and an ice cream truck jingle with a mix of well-crafted lyrics that makes you question what’s to come. “Gimme A Chance” welcomes funk and steps back to the vinyl scratching RNB era while even giving you a salsa breakdown. This would be one epic live track that I’d love to see Azealia smash with a live band. Her raps begin to impress with the melodic “Desperado” and the controversial “JFK” that talks about Lady Gaga stealing her ideas.  “Heavy Metal Reflective” and “Miss Camaraderie” gives fans a killer dance beat and an infectious sassy chorus while “Chasing Time” is a catchy ultra-pop track that radio should love more. Her expletives are endless with countless “what the fucks” screamed during “Yung Rapunxel” and numerous “Cunt” and “Nigga’s” proclaimed during the worldwide smash “212”. Ms Banks’ carefree nature is what attracts her fans to her raw and natural rap sound. Her production isn’t forced neither is it over the top or trying to be like anyone else in the game. “Soda” brings a fun 90’s vibe to the album while “Nude Beach A Go-Go” changes the game completely with a beach boys inspired track with strong vocals from Ms Banks and a beach jam that won’t leave your head. “Bbd”, “Luxury”, “Miss Amor” and “Wallace” make this sixteen track album a bit too cluttered and could’ve respectively taken a step back and let the other twelve songs slay your body harder. “Ice Princess” is definitely a possible single with a strong verse structure and 90’s throwback chorus that’s reminiscent to Iggy Azalea’s recent hit “Black Widow”. I did expect to hear more aggressive drum/snyth lead tracks that would’ve showcased her incredible spitted verses or a vulnerable broken down power rap ballad. Azealia Banks hasn’t focused on having numerous collaborations to sell this record because this is here time to shine and show the world what she has to offer. And can I tell you the “Broke With Expensive Taste” was worth the three year wait because this is the album she always wanted us to hear, not what the over produced jargon the label would’ve wanted to release.

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