She might be tiny but you wouldn’t want to mess with her. Tkay Maidza rise to fame is on the incline in Australia with constant festival appearances and a growing legion of fans awaiting her next move. The boisterous rapper hailing from Adelaide has made quite the name for herself already impressing critics and fans alike with her infectious raps and beats. With lyrics like “Underground queen in the zone that’s me”, “Ya’ll niggas mad cause they can’t handle my ego” and “Stomp your feet like a brontosaurus” there’s no doubt as to why these songs are connecting so well. Her bubbly and fun personality comes across naturally in her lyrics and the way she spits her verses so flawlessly. She could even give Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea a little competition with her ridiculous catchy tracks.

After the release of her playful first single “Brontosaurs” feat Badcop Triple J began to take notice of her insane talent and after a short time it was getting some decent radio play. Follow up single “U-Huh’ took it to the next level with Channel V and various radio stations taking interest in the bubblegum rap track. With the release of her first mixtape “Switch Tape” Tkay played the right card and gave the fans what they wanted, infectious rap tracks with sick dance beats. Standout track “Finish Them” is a brassy, in your face track that throws so much sass and power. One listen will not be enough, you will want to have it on repeat for a long time…. TRUST ME. “Switch Lanes” has been chosen as the third official single with the ultra-cool video premiering on Channel V for the first time a couple of weeks ago. This track isn’t as immediately catchy but grows on the listener with its intense verses and chilled out RNB chorus. Her live shows are full of energy and showcase these tracks incredibly well. She’s a MC you don’t want to mess with because she’s rapidly paving her way to success and when she gets there she won’t be slowing down. Check out her soundcloud here and prepare to be impressed;

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