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The Veronicas are officially back and after the massive success of “You Ruin Me” their self-titled album will finally be released on November 21. But if you can’t wait till then to hear the album then head over to ITunes Radio to hear all fourteen songs in their entirety. This album see’s the girls experimenting with synths, grunge, rock and blues while still delivering those killer pop songs you are bound to love. Check out my track by track review of The Veronicas right here;

  1. “Sanctified” – The Veronica’s always love experimenting with new sounds and this album opener is different to anything they’ve done before. “Sanctified” is blues/grunge banger that sees Hole meet Bob Dylan in an alternate universe. The harmonies are on point and pull off this song in excellent fashion making it an early highlight.
  2. “Did You Miss Me (I’m A Veronica)” – This is the jam you’ve been waiting 7 years for and it does not disappoint. It almost sounds like a sequel to Untouched with its slight rapping, heavy drum and synths and a killer chorus that will ignite their live shows. With quotable lyrics like “Cause down under we don’t take no prisoners” and “Did you miss me? Did you really think that I was gone?” don’t be surprised to see this song quoted all over your social media timelines.
  3. Cruel – Yes. Yes. Yes. That is what I was saying when I heard this song for the first time. With its infectious chorus and “fuck you but I still love you” attitude “Cruel” impresses. It definitely should be a contender as a future single as this pure-pop song would be eaten up by radio.
  4. Line Of Fire – I wasn’t sold on this track when I first heard it but with each listen I became more and more in love with it. From the raspy vocals to the dirty beat and the vulnerable lyrics “Line Of Fire” brings a mature and sexier sound to this album.
  5. Teenage Millionaire – A bit too cheesy? A bit too immature? I’m just not feeling this pure pop love track. The younger fans will fall in love with this song and its cute lyrics but it sounds like a b-side Katy Perry song from her Teenage Dream era.
  6. Born Bob Dylan – This is probably my favourite song off the album. It’s a very simple concept with a nice guitar accompaniment and strong lyrics that make it so memorable. It reminds me of early Veronica’s material and I really dig that sound. And hey I wish I was born Bob Dylan too.
  7. Always – What stands out most about “Always” is Jess and Lisa’s strong vocal ability with high notes and vulnerability that a lot of pop singers would naturally struggle hitting. These girls don’t need auto tune because they are the real deal and this cute and almost gospel pop song proves that.
  8. Mad Love – Infectiously catchy, cute and the right amount of cheesy this is truly a pop jam. It will easily be a fan favourite and an album highlight for most.
  9. You Ruin Me – If you don’t know this song then I’m seriously questioning if you’re living under a rock. This was the track that had Australia fall in love with them all over again with its vulnerability and beautiful orchestra accompaniment. Their powerful vocals will leave you in awe and wanting/needing to hear more.
  10. More Like Me – This is a classic Veronicas track with a powerful pop/rock vibe intertwined with a kick ass “fuck you” chorus. Old school fans will love this track and send serious flashbacks.
  11. If You Love Someone – This has been announced at the official second single and it’s honestly the perfect choice. It’s the most pop influenced track on the album and gives a different perspective on love compared to their other material. It’s quite possibly the feel good pop anthem of the year and will dominate your upcoming summer road trips.
  12. Cold – I love, love, LOVE this song! The eerie spoken verses executes a frantic and honest portrayal of love perfectly. The chorus transforms into powerful pop ballad with soaring vocals. A must listen!
  13. Let Me Out – As we get to the end of the album its time the acoustic ballads make an appearance and “Let Me Out” is one track you need in your life. Their harmonies are beautiful and fit accordingly with the honesty of the raw production. I love hearing The Veronicas like this and I’m sure you will too.
  14. You And Me – Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a twin? Well now you can with “You And Me”. This intimate track gives listeners an insight to their incredible bond and the unbinding love they have for one another. If you have a sibling you will find yourself relating your life to the lyrics and understanding the bond. This is the strongest I’ve ever heard them vocally with a real honesty in their harmonies and is the perfect album closer.

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