SINGLE REVIEW: Paulini – Air It All Out


In 2003 Paulini impressed the whole of Australia with her soulful vocals on Australian Idol that saw her surprisingly come fourth after being a front runner to win. Ever since then she’s released two albums and toured the country showcasing her vocal strengths and high energy shows. After having a little break to redefine herself as an artist Paulini is back.

‘Air It All Out’ is the first single from the Fijian born singer-songwriter’s forthcoming third studio album ‘Come Alive’ which will be released on 20 February 2015.

This RNB track strips things back and allows the focus to be on her insane vocal range. The production has been strategically structured to make impact on that as well as create an epic strong-willed hook.

Paulini explains the song is about letting go of negativity, doubt and fear. “I’m feeling empty inside. It’s all about give and take. But what we built was fake. This love is blowing away. And I air it all, air it all” she sings during the chorus. 

Constantly growing on you, ‘Air It Out’ has potential to be the breakthrough commercial success Paulini needs right now. It has a raw empowerment and soulful feel that listeners originally fell in love with her for during her time on Australian Idol.

‘Air It All Out’ is available on ITunes now

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