ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Swift – 1989

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Is 1989 the album of the year? You’ll be happy to hear the answer is quite possibly yes. For her first full length pop studio album Taylor Swift re-invents and finds herself amongst synth and pop beats that will have you bopping along. “1989” documents her life through articulate songwriting and on point synth pop songs that take inspiration from the year she was born,

  1. “Welcome To New York” – Opening with this synth-tastic track she introduces the new and improved sound showcasing a heavy 80’s influence. The infectious chorus automatically brings a positive vibe towards a new beginning and dreams.
  2. “Blank Space” – One of the strongest songs on “1989” and unsurprisingly chosen as the official second single. Experimenting with vocal techniques, spoken parts and pitch changes the production is highly impressive. Lyrically this song is quotable and will be a fave with fans with lyrics like “I love the players and you love the game” / “Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”.
  3. “Style” – Following the lead of “Blank Page” this song dabbles In heavy production with a funky 80’s/Pharrell inspired bass rift. She really nails the spoken parts she intertwines with strong harmonies. This will be a future single with its infectious hook and positive nature that radio will eat up.
  4. “Out Of The Woods” – Curating a darker love story dominated by pop synths. It’s not as immediately catchy or as in your face as its predecessors but with its repetitive hook you will find yourself singing along unknowingly. The production on this track is impressive and a massive step up from her last album “Red”. The third verse has an almost Bastille moment with strong harmonies and an epic but brief acapella moment that deserved a longer spotlight.
  5. “Stay” – With it’s dance influences and clean vocals this song would’ve fitted perfectly on her previous album “Red” but it fits in nicely on “1989” and is a personal favorite.
  6. “Shake It Off” – If you haven’t heard this song yet you must be living under a rock. “Shake It Off” is a one of a kind sort of song on this album, there is nothing else like it and is the most mainstream sounding track. It had the ability of winning over Taylor Swift haters and interested in this album.
  7. “I Wish You Would” – This has to be one of my favourites on “1989”. From the guitar rifts, to the catchy chorus, to her vocal delivery and to the strong lyrics this is an unforgettable song. Its very relatable
  8. “Bad Blood” – It may be gimmicky but this sassy song about her ruined friendship with Katy Perry gives an interesting insight. After a few listens it grows on you with the strange RNB influences that don’t completely suit her.
  9. “Wildest Dreams” – This song reminds me of her “Speak Now” era with an innocent pop ballad with strings that give a unique atmosphere.
  10. “How You Get The Girl” – The cheesy factor begins on this song with overbearing cheesy pop that would suit her if she was fifteen again.
  11. “This Love” – This is the first time on the album we have heard Taylor strip it back and take listeners back to where it all began. Sadly this song isn’t the strongest on the album and is easily forgettable.
  12. “I Know Places” – There is just something about this song which is just pure magical. From the epic production to her strong vocals Taylor exceeds with an eerie pop track.
  13. “Clean” – This was an instant favourite of many Taylor Swift fans and I agree that this post break up song impresses with its meaningful and therapeutic lyrics.


  1. “Wonderland” – WHAT A JAM! That is all I have to say about this song,
  2. “You R In Love” – I’m not going to spend much time on this song because it had the potential to be one of the strongest songs on “1989” and it was just very anti-climactic. Honestly such a shame as the lyrics are relatable to every listener and the production is average.
  3. “New Romance” – With a dance beat, infectious verses and captivating vocals “New Romance” is the perfect way of finishing this album. It reminds you that “1989” was something new, exciting and different. Taylor has evolved has a musician and guaranteed her claim on the music industry for plenty more successful years.

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