ALBUM REVIEW: Calvin Harris – Motion


Calvin Harris has become one of the music industry’s leading and most respected producers. “Motion” is his fourth studio album and with an all-star list of collaborations and infectious dance tracks that have already topped the charts this is an album not to mess with. It does have its moments of repetitiveness and like any electronica album that is expected but Calvin Harris impresses with testing new grounds in dance music. The new fad is experimenting dance and alternative music together and some of the artists he collaborates may surprise you. These include; Hurts, John Newman, All About She, Big Sean, Tinashe and HAIM while he adds heavyweights Gwen Stefani and Ellie Goulding to give the pop appeal. “Pray To God” (Featuring HAIM) was the song that surprised and impressed me the most with a sample of Stevie Nicks “Edge of Seventeen” guitar riff and a simple dance beat that mashes perfectly with the trio’s harmonies. While “Outside” (Featuring Ellie Goulding) is lyrically one of the strongest songs and the most commercial sounding track that radio has already fell in love with. The only thing I dislike about “Outside” is the “Titanium” sound effect that is being over used in dance music and making songs sound unoriginal.  Gwen Stefani continues her comeback reign with “Together” and this infectious track doesn’t disappoint. The lyrics could have been a bit less repetitive but with dance realm you have to sometimes expect generic lyrics. “Open Wide” (Featuring Big Sean) is surprisingly the only rap song on “Motion” and Big Sean doesn’t disappoint with a sexual innuendo song that speaks for itself. Big Sean is one of the most underated rappers in the industry at the moment with a strong flow that makes all of his collaborations stand out. RNB newcomer “Tinashe” gets the spotlight on closing track “Dollar Signs” and while her parts are good the dance hook sounds like every other club “hit” at the moment. His solo production tracks “Faith”, “Slow Acid” and party anthem “Summer” impress the most with each track tackling different experimental ideas. “Blame” (Featuring John Newman) and “Under Control” (Featuring Hurts) are other highlights on “Motion” while the rest of the album disappoints with repetitive and recycled ideas that should have been cut from the album. These are only a couple tracks and can easily be solved by using the skip button. Overall Calvin Harris has produced a killer summer album that will be the soundtrack of your party life.

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