ALBUM REVIEW: Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien


With the disbanding of My Chemical Romance in 2013, front man Gerard Way has been working on a solo album that will see him moving forward with a glam rock inspired sound. His debut album “Hesitant Alien” experiments with alt-rock, Britpop, post-punk and glam rock creating a fusion that separates himself from the sound My Chemical Romance made popular. There are elements that are still distinctively true to his MCR roots but any front man that goes solo will always have similarities to their past work. With its strong piano accompaniment and bold vocals “Brother” is the closest sounding track to MCR and is a standout on this album. Gerard Way has successfully been able to showcase his crazy and manic personality with the concept art associated lyrics. Don’t expect lyrics that will define a generation or speak to you on another level as the majority of this record is well thought about nonsense with hidden meanings. The in-your face post-punk songs “The Bureau” and “Action Cat” bring flavor, colour and attitude to this at times repetitive album. “Millions” channels a Britpop sound that surprisingly really suits him and should be explored further. While “Juarez” introduces a heavier sound with distorted guitars and strong drums that allows listeners to hear a playful side to his powerful vocals. By the end of the album the songs start sounding similar with reintroduced ideas that seem unoriginal. For a debut album as a solo artist Gerard Way has done well to separate himself from the distinct sound My Chemical Romance made famous. “Hesitant Alien” has its moments and fans of Gerard Way will love the way he’s approached the album but it’s not the breakthrough success they were hoping for.

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