ALBUM REVIEW: Ricki-Lee – Dance In The Rain


Being in the music industry for 10 years Ricki-Lee decided to take a different approach when it came to creating her fourth studio album. Self-funding the writing and producing trips she was able to take full creative control and make an album that truly represents her as an artist. And it paid off. “Dance In The Rain” is an eclectic album that sees her experimenting with pop, dance and reggae while being the most open, honest, raw and fun that we’ve heard her be.

Opening with the impressive title track “Dance In The Rain”, this ballad creates a unique energy with synths leading into a powerful chorus that will leave you in awe of her vocal range. The ultra-pop singles “Happy Ever After” and “All We Need Is Love” bring a positive powerfulness which is lacking recently in pop music. Fans of her fun bubblegum dance tracks will not be disappointed with the infectious “In The Mood” while the confusing “Giddyup” try’s to emulate the success of “Do It Like That” but fails with the overpowering cheesiness of the lyrics. The last time we heard Ricki-Lee experimenting with reggae was on her second album “Brand New Day” and I’m glad she’s revisited this sound. “Criminal” (featuring Shane Free) mashes dirty synths with reggae beats and allows us to vocally hear a different side of the singer. The impressive synth production allows songs like “Only You” and “Until We Drop” to excel. One of my favorite tracks comes from the synth filled “Catch Me If You Can” from its strong lyrics to the beat drops that will have you moving instantly. “Mirage” is the strongest and most venerable song Ricki-Lee has ever released.  With lyrics like “It could all be smoke and mirrors and I could be no nearer. But I’m just gonna keep on trying.” It impresses as a mature pop ballad and a sound she should really experiment more with.

As a whole “Dance In The Rain” is Ricki-Lee’s strongest album to date with an eclectic range of tracks that endeavors to show a different and deeper personal side of the songstress.

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  1. I love how you used venerable as an adjective – well done!

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