ALBUM REVIEW: Lolawolf – Calm Down


Lolawolf are a unique collision of RNB and electronica with crooning vocals, distorted synths and bass drops which will have you grooving along. Fronted by Zoe Kravitz (yes, that’s Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet daughter) James Levy and Jimmy Ginnopoulos this badass trio will quickly become one of the hottest bands of 2015. Their debut album “Calm Down” impresses with heavy RNB flavored electronica songs which makes you wonder where they were hiding before this. Opening with the confusing, in your face but ultimately catchy “Calm Down” it sets the whole mood for the album. Their sound is very different to anything else that is currently on the market and makes them instantly stand out. “AYO” brings hard synth drops with a sick reggae hook while “Jimmy Franco” brings a relaxed RNB vibe. One of my instant highlights was the abrupt “Bitch” that wins you over with relaxed verses and a fiery chorus that boasts “Who’s the bad ass bitch that nobody heard that everybody heard of”.  “Dirty Feeling” follows in that structure and boasts a fiery hook that will have you wanting to replay it over and over again. They bring back the RNB/reggae sound with “Skipping Days”, “Stay With Me” and “What Love Is” while “What’s Up” and “Only You” deliver synth filled jams. The only song that is a bit lost on this album is “Start Now Stop” which is easily forgettable. Finishing it all off with the complex “Take A Hint” that experiments with synths and harmonies making it the perfect album closer. Zoe Kravitz is the perfect front woman for this band as she oozes cool and has the perfect vocals to pull off this unique sound. “Calm Down” is an explosive debut album for Lolawolf and will get people rightfully talking about them.

Lolawolf are currently on tour with Miley Cyrus in Australia

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