ALBUM REVIEW: Dami Im – Heart Beats


Who is Dami Im as an artist? That is what I found myself questioning when listening to her first full length studio album. “Heartbeats” is a confusing mixture of pop and synths that sees her ditching her strong points and experimenting in a sound the doesn’t completely suit her. Watching Dami Im dominate last year’s season of The X Factor Australia you would know that she excels when delivering power ballads and is 100% comfortable performing them. Dance tracks, not so much. However this album is dominated by upbeat pop/dance tracks that the record company have clearly encouraged. We don’t really get to hear her belt it out with a simple piano accompaniment, which is a major loss. When imagining a Dami Im album I expected a collection of incredible power ballads that would challenge the likes of Adele and it’s nowhere close.

Opening with her singles “Super Love”, ‘Gladiator” and “Living Dangerously” she reinforces that this will be a bubblegum pop influenced record. “Without You” is a single waiting to be released and is a step forward in the direction she should be heading toward with its intimate moments and vocal range. “Moment Just Like This” and “Beauty In The World” deliver cheesy, bubblegum pop tracks that deserve the skip button quickly. She’s a mature married woman who shouldn’t be singing the lyrics “shake your booty boys and girls for the beauty in the world”, it’s just plain cringe worthy. The album provides hope with the synth based power ballad “Speak Up” which sees her revisiting the sound she should be gravitating toward. Her vocals shine on this track and show the raw unique power in her vocal range. “One More Time” is a fun pop track that suits her extremely well and should have become a single over “Living Dangerously” as it’s commercially more suited. “Let Go” and “Heart Beats Again” are easily forgettable but aren’t as cheesy as other tracks on this record. The deluxe edition provides four extra songs that are 10x better than the majority of the songs on the standard album. The production on the songs isn’t as forced and comes more naturally while lyrically they’re also stronger.

“Heart Beats” is a mediocre pop album that fails to deliver that spark but next time Dami Im should strip it back and allow her natural talent to once again wow listeners.

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  1. May I add, who is Thomas Bleach?? I accidentally stumpled upon this one page site to read your review….I think your reputation as a blogger has just taken a whack & your hearing impairment needs to be checked….Dami is not just a power ballad vocalist , her Album reflects her ability to sing more than ballads as she had proved last year on Xfactor with Disco, Rock & Pop….Superlove, Alive & Gladiator are all Pop , Platinum & Gold certifications …If other Music Industry professionals & critiques praise glowinging about Dami’s, your motive to blog such rubbish will only diminish the very few fans you have on your SM,,,,,what ever your real job is during the day, I can confidently say it’s definitely not in the Music Industry…..your credibility as a Blogger has just taken a dive.

  2. who are you man, you certainly do not know music, This Damis 1st Album, not everyone is going to like all the tracks, but you obviuosly you dont Listen to the artists comments about why she created this Album, because her fan base is so Dynamic and is not just teens, that she gave us a range of different Genres of music, this Album is incredible because of this reason, we all can enjoy Damis incredible talents, there are not many out there that could do what Dami im can do, the slower heart felt songs to the Souring Vocals tracks, yes some are techno, but this Album shows how talented she is and can sing in any genre of music, who wants to listen to someone where all the tracks are similiar, which is really what we have been getting from many supposed stars out there these days. I think you are confusing what is Entertainment with what is politically correct, listen to one of my other favorite Talents Michael Buble,, his music is the same softer ballads to souring strong vocals, everyone can find something they like about this Album, and to say that Dami ims music is confusing is so stupid and beyond belief, there is maybe 1 or 2 cheesy songs, but they were put there to give a message, which is what is wrong with most Artists today, there is no message to there music,and they do not teach us anything. yes Dami is an excellent talent and is the best that has been produced in recent years.

  3. A good review. Dami Im is a power ballad singer, and we really need some fresh female power ballad singers. So what does the record company do, They try to make her into a pop singer. I only hope Dami herself realizes that she needs to sing the songs her voice was meant for.

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