LIVE REVIEW: Miley Cyrus – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Love her or hate her there is no denying that Miley Cyrus puts on a killer live show. From the opening sequence where she slides down a tongue slide singing the infectious “SMS (Bangers)” she had the whole Brisbane arena in awe. The setlist for the evening was her whole “Bangerz” album (minus one song), two previous hits and a selection of impressive covers. Launching straight into “4X4” and “Love Money Party” Miley twerked on top of a car with curvaceous and extremely tall dancer “Amazon Ashley” before showering the crowd with money confetti. While a massive bobble head version of Big Sean comes out on stage while his verse blasts. It’s at this moment that I realized that this wasn’t your normal pop show. And she continued to impress and shock me with her elaborate props including a massive puppet that stalked her around the stage during “FU”. “#GETITRIGHT” saw a massive bed have a workout with Miley and her dancers conducting many sexual innuendos. And “Can’t Be Tamed” saw her pay homage to her dog Floyd with a massive blow up replica that she danced on and around.

Yes the props may be impressive and she may get a kick out of watching our jaws drop with her crazy antics but where Miley really impresses is in her natural talent. Vocally she is unstoppable with a powerhouse register that needs to be commended more. “Adore You”, “My Darlin”, “Drive” and an incredible cover of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” allowed her to strip everything back and give an honest and powerful vocal delivery. She kept telling the crowd that she was sick and sorry that she sounded like “shit” but I don’t know what she was hearing because what we heard left me highly impressed. “Do My Thang” saw the singer give a country twist on the chorus and had the whole crowd leaping around like hillbillies at a rodeo. After a brief interlude she popped up at a Bstage located at the back of the arena where she stripped things back with a brief acoustic set. Performing “Rooting For My Baby” and covers of “Lilac Wine” and “Jolene” she reinforced her vocal talent to the admiring crowd. Can I also just take a moment to commend the live band she had on stage who brought these pop/urban/dance songs to life with an electric rock edge.

Taking it back to the main stage with an ass suit on she twerked up and down the catwalk to “23” before straddling a flying hotdog over the crowd. “Do you know what I’m going to miss about the Bangerz tour? Take a guess…. I’m gonna miss riding this big old wiener every single fucking night” boasted Cyrus. After saying goodnight she returned to the stage to belt out two of her biggest hits “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” that had the whole crowd on their feet singing along. If you thought the concert was finished there, you were wrong. She returned once more joined by her dancers in crazy costumes closing the show with an electric performance of “Party In The USA’.

Impressed is an understatement. Best pop show of the year? That’s a bit closer. With an array of costumes and at time confusing props Miley and her troop of dancers entertained the crowd with an unforgettable show.

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