ALBUM REVIEW: Jessie J – Sweet Talker


Jessie J is one of the industry’s strongest vocalist and her third studio album “Sweet Talker” proves that. Opening with “Ain’t Been Done” she commands your attention with an infectious hook and impressive showcase of her vocals, but that’s only the beginning. New single “Burnin’ Up” (Featuring 2 Chainz) has you eating out of her palms as soon as the opening riff starts. This is a song that constantly grows on you and will have you dancing instantly. One of my album favorites is the infectious title track “Sweet Talker”. It sets the vibe for the album with its rare mix of intimacy and upbeat pop realness. This is a future hit waiting to be unleashed to mainstream radio and when it does prepare to hear it everywhere you go. One thing I do love about Jessie J is the sass and edge she incorporates in her songs. The catchy “Masterpiece” is a great representation of this while the ultra cool 80’s inspired “Seal Me With A Kiss” (Featuring De La Soul) brings a different side of Jessie’s cheekiness. If you’re not sick of hearing “Bang Bang” (Featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj) yet then you will love getting groovy to this song on the album but if you’re like me and a bit over it then skip button will probably come in handy.

I’ve always been a fan of Jessie J’s ballads and “Fire” is no exception. The rawness and vulnerability she portrays at the beginning of the song to the power and emotion that the second half ignites is incredible. Ultimately this is one of the strongest tracks on “Sweet Talker” and will leave you impressed. Other ballads on this album include the soothing “Personal” and the mediocre album closer “Get Away”. I was expecting more from the Lindsey Stirling collaboration “Loud”. Lindsey Stirling is known for her complex Violin pieces but what we hear on this track is basic and easily forgettable. “Said To Much” is another song that falls under the radar while “Keep Us Together” impresses with its powerful hook.

“Sweet Talker” is one of Jessie J’s strongest albums to date and exceeds expectations. A few songs will grow on you after a few listens while others will become instant favorites. Her vocals still impress and will have you taken aback multiple times with her high notes that many pop artists would struggle hitting. If the diversity of the album isn’t appealing to you then I don’t know what else I could to say to convince you to give this record a listen.

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