ALBUM REVIEW: Betty Who  – Take Me When You Go

Betty Who

There’s no denying that Australian musicians are currently killing it overseas and joining that list is Betty Who. Ever since “Somebody Loves You” featured in a viral proposal video on YouTube her career has never been the same. She’s been proclaimed as “your next pop obsession” and “the one to watch” with a growing social media presence and a string of sold out shows across the US. Her debut album “Take Me When You Go” is finally here but it’s not the ground breaking release we expected. She’s become a victim of over production and has resulted in thirteen relatively similar songs. Opening strong with the catchy bubble-gum pop “Just Like Me” and “High Society” things looked fairly promising. But then the mediocre dreamy pop songs began. “Better”, “Heartbreak Dream”, “Dreaming About You” and “California Rain” were the main sufferers. The songs were too repetitive and the synths were too similar. However it’s not all bad, Betty Who does deliver some standout songs that will feature on your summer playlists. “All Of You”, “A Night To Remember” and “Runaways” lead this list with their infectious pop-i-licious hooks While “Missing You” provides a raw moment with strong harmonies and captivating synths that will have you reaching for the repeat button. There were massive expectations set for “Take Me When You Go” and sadly they weren’t met but I have to admit the seven highlights we have are pretty special. I just hope next time she hits the studio that risks are taken, experimenting is had and a need sound is explored because she has the potential to be massive.