SINGLE REVIEW: Fergie – La Love (La La La)


THE DUCHESS IS BACK. We’ve all been patiently waiting eight years for the follow up to Fergie’s debut album “The Duchess” and now we’ve finally got our first taste of what’s to come. “LA Love (La La La)” see’s Fergie coming back strong with one of her catchiest songs to date revisiting the pop/rnb sound she made popular on “The Duchess”. This DJ Mustard produced track gives us a basic RNB beat that sounds like something that would comfortably fit on an Iggy Azalea record. Lyrically it’s a fun track that has her giving us a geography lesson by listing off city/country names during the infectious hook followed by some cliché but fitting “la la la’s”. She spits her verses like never before and her flow has impressively improved. This is like “London Bridge” all over again and her songs are just going to keep getting stronger and catchier. I think we are all waiting for her to bring out an emotionally raw track that will play with our heart strings like “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. But for now the fun side of Fergie is back and in full force with this epic summer jam that will have you singing along instantaneously.

However can I just say that one thing I hate about this release is the terrible artwork. Like I’m sorry but what even is that? This is Fergie’s big comeback, show us how great she’s looking with her fierce style and not something that looks like a 15 year old drew while they were bored in class.

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